Managing all elements of your healthcare practice can be challenging. In today’s digital climate, EHR software has made the task of organizing patient information much easier. However, not all EHR software is equal. As a healthcare provider, the question you should be asking is whether your EHR system is efficient enough for your practice.

The Hallmarks of an Efficient Practice Management Software

Practice management software and electronic health records help to reduce operating expenses for medical practices without sacrificing the quality of health care.

In fact, EHRs have helped to optimize healthcare by preventing many avoidable medical oversights. The benefits of a highly efficient electronic medical records software are reaped by both providers and patients.

EHR software solutions can help improve the efficiency of your medical organization. Electronic health records are vital to improved patient care and employee satisfaction.

Any medical professional has come to expect delays in their workdays due to unexpected occurrences. This makes it even more important to have a system in place to counteract any inefficiencies that do occur. About 79% of providers who use EHR software report that their practice functions more efficiently.

Ideally, your EHR system should be cloud-based, user-friendly, intuitive, and scalable. A cloud-based EHR software virtually ensures that your system meets compliance regulations through automatic updates.

If your practice signs on new physicians, which in turn increases the practice’s patient load, a cloud-based system implements the changes easier. Because cloud-based EHR systems are often more user-friendly, training of new staff is less complicated. These things can eliminate the need for a dedicated IT support staff.

The electronic medical records software you utilize should be tailored to meet the specifications of your practice’s needs. The system should seamlessly adapt as your needs change.

Perhaps most importantly, it should provide a secure and easy avenue to streamline interaction and information between you and your patients, providers, and other entities. The ability to verify insurance information, order, view lab tests and results in real time is vital for today’s medical practice.

An estimated 75% of practices report receiving critical lab data faster when implementing an efficient EHR software to their practice. Furthermore, EHRs house critical data that can help you quickly make better clinical decisions for your patients.

Coordinated care is a huge concern in today’s health landscape as it can vastly improves patient care and outcome. Moreover, patients today want to partner with their healthcare providers.

Today’s patients demand to be part of their healthcare solutions by being informed and knowledgeable. An effective EHR system will not only engage patients through a patient portal, but will also offer a secure method of data input and exchange.

Financial Benefits from an Efficient EHR Software

The financial benefits from an efficient EHR software solution offer advantages to both providers and patients. EHRs improve medical practice management and provide many cost-saving measures.

  • Practice management software results in more accurate coding and billing and therefore better reimbursements. This increases your revenue stream.
  • Patient encounters are better documented, which result in fewer errors. This leads to a decrease in malpractice insurance premiums.
  • Reductions in payroll can also be expected due to a more streamlined process of aggregating data and information. Practices with an efficient EHR system require less personnel to handle duties like transcription, staffed pharmacy communication, record maintenance, correspondence, and more.
  • Because EHRs have the ability to greatly enhance the workflow of your practice, it should allow you to see more patients in an expedited manner while enhancing the quality of each visit.
  • Finally, a robust electronic medical records system will meet government regulatory standards. Having an EHR system that meets government regulations can be a financial boost for your health organization as compliance results in better reimbursements.

Consider the Advantages of a Better EHR Software Solution

Avoid the negative consequences of using an inefficient or antiquated management system for your practice. The advantages of a more efficient EHR software can result in better care for your patients, a streamlined process for you and your practice, and financial benefits as well.

Many improvements have been made in EHR software through the years. If you’re using older software to manage your medical practice, it’s likely not as efficient as it could be.

We offer an EHR solution that can improve the efficiency of your medical practice. Contact us for a free analysis of your current practice management system.