A physician’s practice must run optimally and seamlessly to deliver a better patient experience and thrive financially.  To achieve this, you will need to improve the way patients move through the system and ensure that you have all the patient data handy. Time wasted gathering clinical, insurance and billing information may result in being able to see less patients per day. By restricting the number of patients, you are directly restricting your revenue. Therefore, it is essential to optimize your practice workflow to improve your revenue.

Here’s how LogistixMD will help you optimize your workflow:

Quick Patient Scheduling

LogistixMD’s advanced system automates many tasks that are currently the bottlenecks slowing you down. For example- Patient scheduling is critical to maximizing your appointments and minimizing downtime due to no-shows, cancellations, and re-scheduling. The LogistixMD software provides scheduling or re-scheduling in no time, thus enabling you to see more patients each day. Our system operates 24/7 allowing patients to schedule anytime. Never lose a patient again due to office staff unavailability. It will also remind patients of upcoming appointments to ensure they arrive as scheduled.

Our software is equipped with features that allow you to check your schedule at a glance, manage appointments, waitlists, schedule first and multiple follow up appointments. And it allows you to manage your schedule from anywhere. Best of all, it is an interactive and comprehensive system that allows your staff to interact. So, if you are currently using emails to delegate work and are constantly worried if the action has been taken or not, LogistixMD’s system will ease your woes. Our system will not only tell if your down-line has read the instructions, but it will also tell you the action taken by them. Our system also provides patient history, course of treatment, billing and more, all in one place.

Increased Transparency and Accuracy

Before the scheduled appointment, forms can be sent to the patient. This will save on time for your office administration. All the clinical information such as x-rays, lab reports, patient’s current medication, etc., can be completed beforehand. This will increase transparency and give you an accurate health record for the patient. It will decrease chances of errors due to misinformation and incomplete medical records.

With LogistixMD‘s software, you will be able to view the entire patient history in one central location. Review allergies, potential drug interactions and chronic health issues at a glance. Getting all this information in one location can help prevent costly, life threatening mistakes and help you decide the best course of treatment quickly.

Smart Work Delegation For Enhanced Efficiency

Since LogistixMD uses a cloud based system, it enables your staff to access all the patient information, charts, course of treatment all at once. This aids in smart work delegation and enhances a physician’s efficiency. You no longer will need to give the same routine instructions each time you see a new patient. You can attach documents, track deadlines and track total time to get a task completed. Also, this helps in managing documents and keeping your office better organized.

Improved Revenue

LogistixMD’s system ensures that your billing workflow is seamless, enabling you to bill for all the services you delivered effortlessly. Missing out on services will result in revenue loss. Our software catches any missed procedures to provide you with improved revenue.

Also, the software will keep you updated on claim progress to ensure optimal revenue.  It will help you manage the claim process and shorten the billing cycle with quick data transfer. You can keep a tab on billing through our auto-generated reports.

In short, if you want to give your patients better medical care, improve your revenue and enjoy a seamless practice, you need to optimize your workflow with LogistixMD!