Insurance verification is one of the primary and most crucial steps in medical billing. If not done properly, this could cause a severe loss in profits. Insurance companies will delay or deny medical claims for lack of adequate or incorrect information and improper coverage details provided by the patients. Often, due to the inefficiency of the administration office the insurance verification process is not adequately carried out.

For quick and efficient medical claim payments by the insurance companies, you need an experienced medical billing and coding team that keeps abreast of the latest amendments and updates in the health plans and policies. However, hiring trained and experienced medical coders can prove costly for medical practices.  Therefore, the best recourse is to outsource the insurance verification services to a professional firm.

We at Logistixmd help accelerate the pace of recovery from the insurance companies. Our trained personnel are adept with the insurance formalities and offer reliable insurance verification services.

Our professional and experienced medical coders are well versed with the policies, processes and procedures adopted by different insurance service providers. We have designed a comprehensive medical insurance eligibility process that can quickly ascertain the eligibility criteria and help the physician complete the insurance formalities quickly to get full recovery from the insurance companies in record time.

Many insurance claims get rejected or delayed due to lack of adequate paper work and documents. At Logistixmd, our team scrutinizes the documents and ensures that every document required in the checklist by the insurance provider is duly completed.

Next, we check the insurance coverage of the patient. For this, we go through the insurance portals as well as inquire with the primary and secondary payers.

To ensure that charges are duly recovered from the insurance provider, we check and seek the missing information and documents from the patient immediately. All the vital information such as the member ID, Group ID, the insurance coverage period, etc. is mentioned when we submit the patient’s documents to the carrier. This greatly reduces the denials from the insurance providers and you’ll be able to see improved profits.

This streamlines the insurance processes and ensures that the revenue hits your account quickly.  Thus, with the gestation period for claim acceptance and adjudication greatly reduced, you will witness improved cash flow. Also, since the insurance process becomes hassle free for your patients, it will improve their satisfaction.

Accuracy and turnaround time for the verification process are crucial as these factors decide how soon the medical claim is settled. With our team of high experienced professionals, Logistixmd clients can rest assured of a nearly error free verification process. Plus, our team is adept in using all kinds of medical software, tools and technologies. Coupled with our robust infrastructure, Logistixmd can provide you with reliable, accurate and quick insurance verification services at the most competitive prices.

If you are looking for a hassle-free insurance verification experience that leaves you ample time to take care of better patient care and improved revenues, Logistixmd is your best bet!