To be successful, the medical practitioner needs to manage several crucial factors, but patient care remains the most critical of them all. Better patient care results in a growing practice. The best way to ensure that a physician is able to give his undivided attention to his patients is to outsource certain services such as the appointment confirmation service.

Physician appointment scheduling and confirmation plays a pivotal role in managing a practice for the physician. When this vital service is outsourced, not only does this enable the physician to make optimal utilization of their time, it also helps in efficient patient management, improved workflow efficiency and creates a positive impact in the mind of the patient. Moreover, since the physician can optimize their time, it directly results in increasing the practice’s revenue.

But that’s not all…Here’s a list of benefits that the physicians will derive by outsourcing appointment confirmation services:

Personalized Appointment Scheduling Services

Many a times, particularly in the case of new inquiry, a patient will have numerous questions before he or she makes an appointment with a physician. They would have several questions and often, this can turn into a lengthy conversation. Logistixmd will ensure that most prospective patient questions are adequately answered to their satisfaction, allowing you more time to treat other patients. Not just that, once the appointment is scheduled, we will send timely reminders to your patients to ensure that they show up at the scheduled time and date.

Get More Out of Your Practice

Through LogistixMD, your patients can book appointments with you any time of the day, 24×7, 365 days a year. Your patients can log on or call at any time at their convenience. This way, you will not lose a patient due to non-availability of your office staff to schedule an appointment.


Reduced No Show Rates

With LogistixMD, once an appointment is scheduled, our professional personnel will confirm the appointment and give them a reminder call ahead of the appointment. This greatly reduces the no show rate.  Even in cases where a patient wants to cancel their appointment for any reason, we will reschedule the appointment for you, so that your downtime is minimized without any hassles. Not just that, our staff will also follow up with patients for their next visit, when due, and seek their confirmation early on.

This will dramatically reduce your downtime and overhead, while at the same time enhancing your efficiency.

With LogistixMD appointment confirmation service, you get much more than just appointment scheduling. We help you run your practice smoothly with enhanced efficiency, so you can focus on patient care and improve your earnings.