Optimize Your Practice Workflow

In any business,  inefficient workflow is problematic. In a physicians’ office, inefficient workflow creates lengthier wait time for patients, a nuisance for office staff, and tension for physicians. LogistixMD collaboration software is a way to optimize your practice workflow.

Features Available to Maximize Workflow


Office Task Management

LogistixMD enhances efficiency in the practice at a personal and group level with numerous organizational features. Tasks are the beginning of project management available with personal, group, sub, repeating, task templates, and so forth. Workflow automation and checklists ensure no task is overlooked.


Project Management Tools

LogistixMD provides unlimited projects available with employee workload and Gantt charts. This allows you to allocate a specific number of employees and hours to a project as well as track the amount of time spent on each. View your projects progress with task counters to identify the possibility of you not making a deadline.


Time Tracking Tools

It can be frustrating and troublesome when a time tracking tool is not included in a project management solution. LogistixMD provides an option for a physician office to track how much time is spent on each task, clock-in and clock-out, daily to-dos, time reporting, flexible workday settings, work time confirmation, work reports, and efficiency report. Several calendars are available as well, such as personal, group, and shared. Never fall behind again with LogistixMD solutions.


Project Collaboration Tools

Office projects involve numerous individuals and collaboration tools that must work with all your employees as well as external users, including business partners. At times, physician office staff must hold a workgroup discussion or online meeting or they may need to speak with an individual who is only available by way of mobile phone. All this and more is possible with LogistixMD software solutions. We offer our clients more social collaboration tools than any other project management vendor. LogistixMD provides you with a private social network, including scheduling, reminders employee directory, activity stream, likes, comments, mentions, and tags. These collaboration tools and more assist your office in maximizing efficiency.

Documentation Management Tools

Projects within a physician office involve numerous files and documents. LogistixMD ensures all your needs are taken care of with their document management module. This valuable feature includes file sharing, online and offline editing options, cross-device document synchronization, versioning, and a file server. Pace videos, presentations, and other files for download, private use, or collaboration. Locate any document through use of the internal search, saving time and increasing efficiency.


Client Management Tool

As a physician office, you take care of many projects for your clients. With project management, LogistixMD provides a firmly integrated CRM. Organize and track interaction with your office with existing or potential clients, patients, business partners, and more. Meetings, phone calls, and messages connected with a company or contact are logged with no effort. This allows you to plan for further interaction. Also included, web for the builder, create invoices, quotes, and much more.


LogistixMD provides a software solution for physicians’ offices that optimizes workflow; increasing patient satisfaction, relieving pressure placed on office staff, and decreasing stress experienced by the physician.